Future events



The National School for Particle Physics (NSPP) is an annual three-day workshop that serves as a training ground for candidates of CERN Summer Student Programme (CSSP) as preparation furthering knowledge and understanding on nuclear and particle physics. It serves as an avenue where Malaysian CSSP applicants are evaluated based on their competence and commitment. Shortlisted and selected candidates will proceed to join the CSSP.

A Day With Particle Physicists

A Day With Particle Physicists is an outreach program which targets high school and pre-university students. Participants will be introduced to the basic of particle physics and a few practical sessions on data analysis and do-it-yourself (DIY) cloud chambers.

Zarah & Daya

Zarah & Daya (Particles & Force) is an annual conference for local researchers to present and discuss their works involving various fields from high energy physics to astrophysics.

Theoretical Physics Bootcamp

The Theoretical Physics Bootcamp aims to refresh and instill a stronger understanding of Theoretical Physics amongst participants. The three-day programme includes speakers from universities around Malaysia and special lectures.

External programmes

NCPP regularly participates in annual external programmes like the Kuala Lumpur Engineering Science Fair (KLESF), the International Nuclear Science, Technology and Enginereering Conference (iNuSTEC) and PERFUM’s Physics Open Day (POD).